Statement 2016

Jens H. WestermannAttempt of the concept and strategy “Get Real”.
With the result to “Be Absurde“.


To be an artsman is more faith rather than talent, a decision.
I have to define and form my remaining time.
Thinking and acting may not be subject to any purpose.
It is acknowledged from ancient times that all is hidden [1],
what I use.

No religion, no moral, no truth helps you against that fact (sorry).
Only one precept: commiseration and gratitude.
This freedom is irrational or absurd (see below),
so my pictures have to be.

They oscillate between inspection, for joy, and provocation, for frustration.


“Unreasonable” means facts or ideas which contradict human reasons or withdraw itself from itself.

is the ability to recognize its meaning in mind, to establish rules and principles, and to act according to them, from the facts acquired in the understanding through observation and experience.

is the power to form concepts and terms and to combine them into judgments.

is the meaning it self in form of designations, a term represents a semantic unit.

is the representation of a concept with linguistic or other means in a language.

is the set of elements of complex systems of communication (concrete character systems). Languages ​​are systems of units and rules that serve the members of linguistic communities as a means of understanding.

is meant a set of elements that are so interconnected or interrelated that they interact in such a way that they can be viewed as a task, purpose or sense.

is the meaning of a linguistic expression. In the sense of the irrational: absurdity “mocking” means something irrational or absurd. Absurdity eludes rational reasoning.

“Calculation” is a rationalized thinking and action oriented to a twofold direction. The term includes the deliberate selection of and the decision for reasons that are considered reasonable to achieve a particular goal.

Let’s go back up.

Jens H. Westermann, 2016.

Philosophical PostScriptum: When this is understood, one realizes that it is no problem to create meaningless and meaningless art, because that is exactly the meaning. The rest of the universe is pointless…

Philosophical Postscriptum: If this is clear, you can recognize that it is not a problem. The rest of the universe is meaningless…

[1] Platon; Seventh book Politeía.


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